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Publish or Perish

Digital Repository for Information Professionals

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The Publish or Perish Archive is a  non-profit digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, the print disabled, and the general public. The mission is to provide Universal Access to All Knowledge.

Anyone with an account can upload media to the Publish or Perish Archive. Your partnership will help the information consumers globally to save copies of their work into special collections.

Not everyone has access to a public or academic library with a good collection, so to provide universal access we need to provide digital versions of books. Hence uploading copyleft books in digital form is highly encouraged. 

The Sustainable Solution for Your Unwanted Documents

Publish or Perish's mission is to collect materials, keep them out of the landfill, and give them thousands of information consumers for reuse. Thanks to donations from individuals - like you - Publish or Perish is helping those who need it and contributing to a cleaner, greener world.

To mail/ship your donations to Materials for the Arts, use the address below. 
For all donation drop-offs inquiries, email [email protected]

N.B. Only digital media, like books, music, and other academic materials are accepted. No monetary donation or physical media donation is acceptable under any circumstances. 

 Statement of Values

  • Dreams & equality
    • Pioneer the future with sharing of information.
  • Diversity
    • Eliminate information-dearth by harnessing diversity and varying viewpoints.
  • Integrity and sincerity
    • Earn the trust of the informants through ethical and responsible conduct.
  • Sustainability
    • Fulfill our stakeholder responsibilities through disciplined philanthropic practices.


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