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Glossary of Library Terms

Glossary of Library Terms

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There are currently 11 Terminology in this directory beginning with the letter S.
See the entry for peer review. 

Search or Search Strategy
The plan enacted to answer a research question.

Secondary Source
Presents or discusses information originally presented in another source. 

See: American Book Prices Current.

Publications issued at intervals; serials usually have the same title over time.  Periodicals are types of serials.

(a) Related works that are published together in succession that may have been given a series title.

Smith Rare Book Room
Located on second floor of the E.H. Little Library, the Smith Rare Book Room is an elegant room housing the library's unique, rare, and unusual book collections.  While requiring additional security and care, books in the room are available for use by Davidson's faculty, staff, and students as well as visiting scholars and the general public.

Stable URL
Provides consistent access to a website, even if the site's URL changes with hardware or file re-configurations.  Also called a permalink or PURL.  For more information, see our Linking to Full Text Resources guide. 

The area in the library containing most of the bookshelves.  Generally, the stacks are the bookshelves containing the books that can be checked out.  The reference stacks are the bookshelves that hold the materials in the reference collection.

A service that allows people to watch movies or listen to music online without downloading.  The library offers a number of streaming audio and video databases, including VAST: Academic Video Collection.

Subject Heading
A word, phrase, or group of words that describes the subject content of a book or other item.  In most databases, subject headings, which can be called descriptors, are a form of controlled vocabulary.  A given item may have more than one subject heading. 
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