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Glossary of Library Terms

Glossary of Library Terms

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There are currently 12 Terminology in this directory beginning with the letter R.
Rare Book Room
See the entry for the Smith Rare Book Room.

A service to request that a library item be returned before the original due date.  To request a recall, ask a librarian or go to the Information Desk. 

The collection of information about an item listed in a database.  For example, a record for a journal article will contain citation information (author, title, journal title, publication information, volume number, date, page numbers) as well as subject headings, an abstract, and other information.  A record in Davidson Library WorldCat contains citation information as well as subject headings, a call number, and information about the item's status.

See the entry for peer review.

(a) A library service; reference librarians assist students and faculty with research and information needs.

The title for the bibliography in APA style.  See also the entry for bibliography.

An online tool that allows users to keep, manage, share, and use citations and create bibliographies.  RefWorks is available to Davidson faculty, staff, and students.  For more information about how to use RefWorks, see the RefWorks guide.

Research Guides
A collection of Davidson College Library guides.  These guides are organized by discipline and, in some cases, class.  Library databases are located in the research guides.

Research Help
A service offered by librarians to current Davidson students, faculty, and staff.  Meet with a librarian to discuss research strategies and possible information sources for projects, assignments, papers, presentations, and the like.  For information about how to get research help, see the Ask a Librarian guide.

Research Rescue
An opportunity to receive drop-in research help from librarians in the Fishbowl.  Hours vary during the semester; ask a librarian for more information.

See the entry for course reserves.

(a) A periodical devoted to critical articles on new works.
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