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Glossary of Library Terms

Glossary of Library Terms

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There are currently 12 Terminology in this directory beginning with the letter I.
See the entry for interlibrary loan.

See the entry for Information Literacy Learning Center.

The Davidson College Library's interlibrary loan system.

In-text Citation
In-text citations help the reader find the source in the reference list or bibliography.  See the entry for parenthetical citation. For more information, see our Citing Sources Guide.

(a) A list of the major topics, places, and people discussed in a book or other source.  The index often appears at the end of a book and usually directs readers to relevant page numbers.

Information Desk
Located just inside the front door of the E.H. Little Library, this is the site for getting reference help and for checking out library materials.  Look for the green Research Help and blue Check Out flags. 

Information Desk Assistant
Davidson Library student employee who sits at the Information Desk and assists with checking out books, handling fines, and shelving library materials. 

Information Literacy
The competencies and skills that students need to locate, retrieve, evaluate, analyze, and use information.  These competencies are developed over time and are essential for lifelong learning.

Information Literacy Learning Center (ILLC)
The Library's classroom and space for students to learn about information literacy.  Located in the center of the main floor of the E.H. Little Library.  Many library sessions and Research Rescue are held in this room.  Also known as the fishbowl.

Interlibrary Loan
A library service that allows users to borrow or obtain copies of materials from other libraries.  If the Davidson College Library does not have the book or article you need, simply request the item using ILLiad, our interlibrary loan system.  We'll get the material for you - at no charge to you - and will let you know when it is available.  Just be sure to allow 3-5 days for the material to arrive.  For a video tutorial on how to request items through Interlibrary Loan, click here.

International Standard Book Number, a unique ten or thirteen-digit number assigned to each book published.

International Standard Serial Number, a unique, eight-digit number assigned to each magazine, journal, newspaper, and serial publication.  The standard format for the ISSN is two sets of four digits, separated by a hyphen (e.g. 1234-5678).
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