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Glossary of Library Terms

Glossary of Library Terms

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There are currently 8 Terminology in this directory beginning with the letter D.
A system that organizes and arranges data into fields and provides the means to sort, group, and retrieve information from those fields.  In the library, a database is an electronic index that contains information about articles, books, reference sources, and/or images.  Most databases can be searched by fields like author, title of article and publication, and date.  Some databases cover many disciplines and others cover only one subject area.  For a list of Davidson databases, see the Research Guides.

Davidson Library WorldCat 
A discovery system that searches Davidson Library holdings, including books, e-books, videos, periodicals, and government documents.  It also allows users to search for these materials in libraries worldwide in order to find items to interlibrary loan.

Davidsoniana Room
Home to several thousand volumes by and about Davidson alumni and faculty.  Housed on the second floor of the E.H. Little Library, this room also contains artifacts of Davidson's history including the table on which Davidson's charter was signed.

See the entry for subject heading.

Dewey Decimal Classification
A classification for library items devised by Melvil Dewey.  Dewey call numbers typically have three whole numbers followed by decimal numbers.  The Dewey section of the Library is located on the second floor.  For more information, see Dewey Decimal System:  An Outline.

A lengthy treatise on research submitted by a doctoral candidate.  The database ProQuest Dissertations & Theses contains the largest collection of dissertations to which Davidson has access.

Document Delivery
A service which allows users to request an electronic copy of an article that the Library has in print or microform.  Submit a request using ILLiad.  For more information about document delivery, see Document Delivery:  An Introduction.

Durable URL
Provides consistent access to a website, even if the site's address changes with hardware or file re-configurations.  Also called a permalink, persistent link, PURL or stable URL.  For more information, see our Linking to Full Text Resources guide.
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