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Glossary of Library Terms

Glossary of Library Terms

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There are currently 20 Terminology in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Call Number
An alphanumeric code that identifies a specific book or other item in the library and also indicates its location within the library.  Call numbers can also indicate the general subject content of a book.  The Davidson College Library uses the Dewey Decimal and the Library of Congress systems for most materials; government documents, however, are shelved by SUDOC number.

A table or workspace for an individual library user.  The E.H. Little Library has many study carrels for students; some are reserved and others are available for anyone to use.  There are also a number of reserved, closed carrels for faculty members.

A list or inventory of all the materials within a specific collection or at a particular location.  Davidson Library WorldCat includes information about the books, journals, magazines, newspapers, musical recordings, maps, videos/DVDs, and other materials in the Library.

Davidson College's campus ID.  This card allows users to check out items from the library and to print at PawPrint stations.

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
Located on the main floor of the E.H. Little Library, it provides support for student learning and for instructors.  Math and science, economics, and speaking tutoring take place here several evenings a week.  The offices of the reference librarians are also in the CTL.

Check Out
To borrow an item for a specific amount of time.  Items can be checked out at the Information Desk using a CatCard; look for the blue Check Out flag.  Information about loan periods is located here.

Chicago Style
The Chicago Notes & Bibliography style is used by students and scholars in the humanities; the Chicago Author-Date style is used by students and scholars in the physical and social sciences. For more information, see our Citing Sources Guide.

CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries
College & Research Libraries (C&RL)

The department of the Library that handles book check-outs and returns as well as reserves and holds.

Information about a book, journal article, or other source; it includes all of the information needed to identify this source, such as author, title, publication information, date, and page numbers.  Different disciplines require different citation styles; see the appropriate style manual for more information.  The Citing Sources guide also has examples of how to cite using different citation styles.

A system for arranging library materials in a logical order according to subject or form.  See Library of Congress Classification and Dewey Decimal Classification for systems used in the Davidson College Library.

(a) A group of library or archival materials, sometimes on a single subject or related subjects.

College & Research Libraries News (C&RL News)
RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage

Research consultations provide Davidson students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to meet individually (or in small groups) with a librarian to discuss strategies and information sources for research projects, class assignments, papers, presentations, honors theses, and more.  The librarians offer both drop-in consultations and scheduled appointments.  Meetings usually last thirty minutes to an hour.  To request a consultation, use the Research Consultation Request Form.

Controlled Vocabulary
A set of terms that have been carefully selected in order to avoid having multiple terms for the same subject; indexers often use a controlled vocabulary when they assign subject headings or descriptors to articles or books.  A controlled vocabulary controls synonyms and is thus a powerful tool to use when searching databases.

Copyright is a set of rights that protects the works of authors, artists, composers, and others from being used by other people without permission.  This intellectual property protection is articulated in the United States Constitution and ensure by Title 17 of the U.S. Code.  Understanding copyright is important so that you can use materials legally and avoid violating federal law and Davidson College's Compliance with Laws and Acts.  For more information about copyright, see the Library's copyright guide.

Council of Science Editors Style
Used by students and researchers in the sciences. This citation style, was formerly put out by the Council of Biology Editors (CBE). For more information, see our Citing Sources Guide.

Course Reserves
Books, articles, videos, sound recordings, and other materials selected by a professor for use by a class.  Some reserves are in electronic form and are accessible through a Moodle course page; other materials, such as books and videos, are kept in the reserves section of the Information Desk.  

See entry for Council of Science Editors Style. 

See entry for Center for Teaching and Learning.
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