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Fundamentals of Information Technology

Categories: Computer Applications
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About Course

 Brief Course Description:

This course deals with the technology part of computers. The basic Computer terminologies, namely, Hardware, Software, and Communication, are discussed in this course. The course also deals with thdevelopingogic of problem-solving and elementary programming concepts. After studying this course, the students would be able to understand the basics of Computer Hardware and Software, develop flowcharts and algorithms for problem-solving, understand the concept of Programming, understand various aspects of Communication, understand the concept of Networking, and have exposure to Software security concerns and Software.

Course Objectives:

Knowledge acquired:

1. Understanding the basics of computing.

2. Understanding digital storage concepts.

3. Understanding system software and application software.

4. Awareness of implementation of IT in day-to-day affairs.

Skills gained:

1. Identification of the components of the computing unit

2. Requirement of System Software and Application software for the specific need.

3. Application of IT in real-life requirements.

Competency Developed:

1. Understanding of error codes of computers and resolving the issue.

2. Choosing the right storage at the right time for the right application

3. Recommending specific IT requirements in a real-life scenario.

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Course Content

Information technology (IT) is the use of any computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data.

Input Units
Input Unit The input unit of a computer refers to the input device, which is the hardware used to receive data from humans. Input devices convert data by humans into a form that is understandable by computers. Examples of input units are a mouse, joystick, keyboard, scanner, etc.

Output Units
Output Unit means that the data which is sent by the computer. The processing unit is the device that handles all the instructions which are given by the human for the input unit or the output unit.

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