List of Publications (in Journals) National:
1.Ghosh, Saptarshi. Internet Sites for Library Professionals, SRELS Journal of Information Management, volume 37, Issue 3, September 2000.
2. Ghosh, Saptarshi. Citation Pattern of Contributions in “Library Science with a Slant to Documentation and Information Studies”. SRELS Journal of Information Management, Volume 37, Issue 4, December 2000.
3.Ghosh, Saptarshi. Data Import and Export through LIBSYS: A Case Study. SRELS Journal of Information Management. Volume 38, Issue 4, December 2001.
4.Ghosh, Saptarshi. Z39.50 Unzipped.  SRELS Journal of Information Management, Volume 39, Issue 1, March 2002.
5.Talukdar, Tridibesh and Ghosh, Saptarshi. Total Quality Management and its Implication on Library Laws. SRELS Journal of Information Management, Volume 41, Issue 3, September 2004.
6.Ghosh, Saptarshi & Bhattacharyya, Udayan. Content Management and its Application in LIS Domain. SRELS Journal of Information Management, Volume 51, Issue 2, April 2014
7.Roy, Rajib and Ghosh, Saptarshi, Use of E-resources in North Bengal University Library: a case study. Professional Journal of Library and Information Technology. Vol 4; 2; July-December 2014.P.12-22
1.Papers Presented in Conferences
B1. Regional
1.How worthy is cloud computing for libraries Planner 2012? March 01-03   Information and Library Network Centre collaboration with Sikkim University Gangtok Sikkim      . Regional
B2. National
2.The Cooperative Role of Public Libraries in Enhancing Community Information Services (CIS)            IASLIC 30th All India Conference 2015, IASLIC.
3.Green Library and Employee Motivation: a Peep in to the Theories of Motivation and Green Library Relationship IASLIC 30th All India Conference 2015.IASLIC.
4.Intellectual Property Rights in cloud environment: searching immunity in perils IASLIC 25th All India Conference 2012, IASLIC.
B3. International
5.Will the Digital Library Sustain as a Social Capital for Dissemination of Information? A Conceptual discourse         ICDL 2013, TERI, Delhi
1.Invited Lectures/Chairing the Session or presentation for conferences / symposia etc.
2.Rapporteur Generals Report   IASLIC/IGNCA Convention on National Education Policy 2015            IASLIC.
3.Users satisfaction on rendering library services         Opportunities and challenges of college libraries in the context of National Knowledge Commission, 2009         Siliguri B. ED College / UGC
4.Psychological perceptions of teachers regarding school libraries and school librarians: an analytical discourse         ABSLA National Seminar cum I.T. Awareness Programme – 2010 ABSLA.
5.Shiksha Prosare Gronthagarer Bhumika. Golden Jubilee Celebration 2010  Islampur Rural Library.
6.Subject Expert West Bengal Regional School Service Commission, 06.0311 to 07.03,11 Govt. of West Bengal State
7.Editor  Advances in Library and Information Science, Dept., Journal, DLIS, NBU.
1.Articles/Chapters Published in Books
1.Book Classification.   Library & Information Science: a guide to School Service Examination. Kolkata: Prova Prakashani, 2011. Page 246-331.
2.Prabin Karkee & Saptarshi Ghosh. Resource Sharing for Peers: Practice of Self-Archiving in The Changing ICT Realm. What next in libraries? – Trends, Space & Partnerships. Edited by Dr. Kishore Satpathy. Paper Selected for publication by Shankar Book Agency, New Delhi. Shankar’s Book.